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Over the last 15 years Captain has developed products and services that deliver real benefits to repair shop owners and operators.
  • The technical principle of car paint room and the use of common sense

    The technical principle of car paint room and the use of common sense Read More


    The use of car beauty mid-infrared paint lamp is as follows:Baking 1 choice: press the "start" key and press "set") after (see figure on the screen flashing button - > "+" "_" time needed for (select) button to press again"Set" (Confirm) key → press "Start" key to start the timing;2, baking putty: d Read More

  • Spray paint room principle and structure

    Spray painting room, as the name suggests, is in a room to filter the spray painting object coloring treatment. Also known as the paint room. Spray painting room is a equipment that provides a special environment for painting operation, which can meet the requirements of temperature, humidity, illum Read More

  • Principle and structure of car painting room

    Principle and structure of car painting room: the assembled structure, the house body adopts the mother-child plug-in insulation spray wall panel, sealing, insulation performance is good, aluminum alloy edge door, the door is equipped with an observation window, can observe the dynamics in the room Read More

  • The working principle of cylinder dust collector

    The cylinder dust collector is a dry dust removal equipment that uses the cylinder as the filter element to separate the fine dust from the air stream. Cartridge dusters are usually provided with one or more fans to draw the gas to be filtered into the cartridge. When the gas flows through the filte Read More

  • The working principle of the painting room

    The working principle of the painting roomWhen painting, the external air is filtered through the air inlet and sent to the static pressure room of the paint chamber by the blower. After secondary filtration through the top filter cotton, it flows into the working space of the paint room. The air fl Read More

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