The technical principle of car paint room and the use of common sense
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The technical principle of car paint room and the use of common sense

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The technical principle of car paint room and the use of common sense

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It is important to choose a qualified paint room, but the paint room equipment in the accumulated process of use, many paint master reflect the poor quality of the paint room, more dust in the room, the construction effect is not good, and even sometimes it is not as good as the outdoor effect. In fact, as long as we can correctly use and maintain the paint room, these problems are completely avoidable. The use of lacquer room notes are as follows. 1. Before spraying, it is necessary to check whether the spraying pressure is normal and ensure that the filtration system is clean; 2. Check the air compressor and oil-water dust separator to keep the spray hose clean; 3. Spray gun, spray hose and paint mixing can should be stored in a clean place; 4. In addition to the use of air gun and dust cloth dust, all other processes before spraying should be completed outside the paint room; 5. Only spraying and baking process can be carried out in the paint room, and the door of the paint room can only be opened when the vehicle is in and out. When the door is opened, the air pumping system must be started when spraying to produce positive pressure, to ensure that the dust outside the room can not enter the room; 6. Must wear the specified painting suit and wear safety protective equipment to enter the painting room to operate; 7. In the baking operation, must be the paint room flammable items out of the room; 8. Non-essential staff are not allowed to enter the paint room. In daily maintenance, to maintain the best effect of the paint room, should do the following cleaning and inspection work regularly. 1. Clean the walls, glass and floor base every day to avoid dust and paint dust accumulation; 2. Clean the air inlet dust screen every week and check whether there is blockage in the exhaust dust screen. If the air pressure in the room increases without reason, the exhaust dust screen must be replaced. 3. The floor dust insulation fiber cotton should be replaced every 150h. 4. The air inlet dust screen should be replaced every 300h. 5. Monthly clean floor paint stains, and clean the diesel filter device on the burner; 6. Every quarter should check the intake and exhaust wind turbine motor drive belt is relaxed, clean up the paint on the blade; 7. If infrared heating is used, it is necessary to check whether each set of lights is good. If abnormal conditions are found, it is necessary to replace them in time. Every half year, check and tighten the wiring terminal of the screw position in the electric control box; 8. Every six months should clean the whole paint room and the floor, check the air intake and exhaust fan bearing, check the smoke exhaust channel of the burner, clean the sediment in the tank, clean the water-based protective film of the paint room and re-spray; 9. The whole heat converter, including the combustion chamber and smoke exhaust channel, should be cleaned every year, and the baking paint roof cotton should be replaced every year or every 1200h. If you usually take into account the above points and reasonable use and maintenance, the paint room in the construction process will become more relaxed and clean, and can ensure the quality and quantity of the completion of the task, can show the perfect spraying effect.

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