Working principle of spray paint cabinet
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Working principle of spray paint cabinet

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Working principle of spray paint cabinet


When the water rotary spray cabinet is working, the mixed air containing paint mist is sucked into the upper and lower vortex paint mist treatment chamber at high speed under the action of the high-speed rotating centrifugal force of the exhaust fan impeller, and the paint mist molecules are treated, so that the concentration of benzene waste gas contained in the paint mist drops to the bottom. The purification rate of the treated paint mist waste gas reaches more than 95%, and then it enters the gas-liquid separation chamber. The paint mist is separated from the air by the centrifugal force of the fan, and the water is blocked by the multi-layer water baffle and discharged to the outdoor through the exhaust fan. The blocked water and paint slag fall back to the rear slag gas-liquid separation tank and return to the rear water tank through the slag outlet, and the paint slag floats on the back water surface of the tank. The clean waste gas is discharged to the outdoor organic waste gas treatment device through the exhaust fan.

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