Working principle of dry pulse grinding cabinet
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Working principle of dry pulse grinding cabinet

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Working principle of dry pulse grinding cabinet

Dry type pulse grinding cabinet adopts negative pressure design, that is, dusty gas enters the lower box through the air inlet, and stops filtering through the filter cylinder. Due to various effects of filter Jane, dust and gas will not leave. The dust of the grinding dust removal cabinet is absorbed on the filter cylinder, and the gas enters the upper box through the filter cylinder through the Wendian tube, and the purified air can be discharged directly through the return air outlet of the dust collector to complete the cycle of the whole system.

With the increase of time in the process of purifying the dust-containing gas through the filter cylinder, more and more dust accumulates on the filter, so that the resistance of the filter cylinder gradually increases, and the amount of gas through the filter cylinder gradually decreases. In order to make the dust collector work normally, the grinding and dust removal equipment is equipped with pulse automatic clearing installation. The pulse control instrument sends out instructions to trigger each control valve and open the pulse valve. The compressed air in the air bag radiates from the blowpipe through each Kong Wen tube to the corresponding filter cylinder in which the filter cylinder contracts sharply under the reverse action of the air flow instantly, so that the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter cylinder does not fall, the filter cylinder is regenerated, and the dust removed falls into the ash hopper.

Ash hopper adopts push-pull structure, the ash cleaning process is quick and convenient. The upper part of the dry vacuum cabinet is provided with a ash discharge plate to ensure that all the dust is concentrated in the ash hopper.

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