The working principle of the painting room
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The working principle of the painting room

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The working principle of the painting room

The working principle of the painting room

When painting, the external air is filtered through the air inlet and sent to the static pressure room of the paint chamber by the blower. After secondary filtration through the top filter cotton, it flows into the working space of the paint room. The air flow forms an air curtain around the workpiece from top to bottom. At this time, there is a load of wind speed >0.3m/s in the paint room. The paint mist produced by the spray painting will not stay at the operator's breathing belt, and with the air flow rapidly down the air flow through the bottom of the water filtration by the exhaust duct.

The working principle of the paint room

Infrared heating: Organic coatings generally have a strong ability to absorb infrared rays, especially far infrared rays, so the infrared drying effect on layers is very significant. Promote the layer curing speed, good quality, no pinholes

Bubbling and other defects.

Air purification system

Filter system device adopts two filter layers, the primary filter layer can effectively capture the diameter of dust particles greater than 10um, the precision high efficiency filter layer has a multi-layer structure, can effectively capture the diameter of dust particles greater than 4 um, the whole filter system has large dust capacity, low resistance, long life, filtration efficiency can be more than 98%.

Air circulation system

The air circulation system is composed of a complete set of units, which is equipped with a set of fans, supplied by two 3KW fans, with a total air volume of 24000 square meters, so that the room air load wind speed is greater than 0.3m/s, so as to ensure the rapid indoor air circulation, no paint mist residue, to ensure the health of operators and painting effect. The fan uses Siemens technology to produce paint, paint room special air conditioning fan, compact structure, low power consumption, stable performance.

Paint mist treatment system

Paint mist treatment using water filtration, low cost, ideal adsorption paint mist, good effect. The indoor noise conforms to GBJ87-85 "Code for Design of Noise Control for Industrial Enterprises" not more than 85 decibels the development status and working structure principles of paint spraying room in our country

Domestic spray paint room in the low end of the price from 22,000-60,000, high-grade prices ranging from 60,000-150,000, a wide variety of products. The main types of circulation are: outdoor rain-proof paint room, fuel type high-temperature paint room, teaching type spray paint room, large access paint room, environmental protection paint room, infrared paint room and standard paint room, etc., with different functions; The general paint room adopts the assembled structure, the room body adopts the mother-child plug-in insulation spray wall panel, sealing, insulation performance is good, the side of the room is equipped with a working door, convenient for the staff to enter and exit, aluminum alloy edge door, the central door is equipped with an observation window, can observe the dynamics of the room at any time, the auxiliary equipment in the paint room is endless, the high use rate is: Fan, burner, lighting, bottom plate, filter cotton, electric control box, production room, paint lamp, high efficiency heat converter, of course, the specific configuration and model to see the overall planning of the automobile service organization.

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