The technical characteristics and working principle of retractable integral mobile spray painting room
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The technical characteristics and working principle of retractable integral mobile spray painting room

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The technical characteristics and working principle of retractable integral mobile spray painting room


Multi-station switching paint polishing, high production efficiency; The control power supply part of the mobile house is sliding contact line and flat cable, long service life, safe and durable; The house is of steel structure. The mobile house is light in weight, reasonable in structure and high in overall strength. It is driven by double deceleration motor and interlocked by electric control of two motors, so that the house can walk safely and smoothly. Paint mist and dust purification efficiency is high, ≥99.8%; Spray paint room airflow design: upward under, side into side out; PLC programming control, one key automatically to the designated station, flexible and convenient operation. Coating purification method: no pump water spin purification, no pump water curtain purification, dry filtration purification;

This state is the pre-combustion preparation data. According to the need, the ignition temperature and the starting frequency of the frequency converter can be set separately to control the air volume of the fan. Ignition temperature ensures the reliability of ignition process. Starting frequency ensures the flame combustion when the catalytic burner is just ignited, and the combustion ratio is not too low and the air volume cannot be too large. When the control system is in standby state, it will enter the burning state after receiving the input start command. First, the control system is self-checked and then pre-purged. The output signal of the converter will control the rotation of the fan, and the air volume will gradually change from low speed to high speed and then to low speed. Fresh air will be blown through the combustion plate to ensure that there is no residual gas in the furnace, ensuring the safe and reliable ignition process. The specific operation is to start the frequency converter first, PLc analog output signal makes the frequency of the frequency converter rise from the set starting frequency, after reaching a certain frequency and then maintain a certain time, so as to complete the purge before starting. After the ignition signal is issued, the high pressure igniter works, and the ignition line valve is opened at the same time to light a small fire. Due to the detection of UV sensor, the small fire is lit and the main air valve is opened. At this point, the furnace plate of catalytic combustion carries out flame combustion until the detected temperature signal reaches the set ignition closing temperature, the ignition valve is closed, the ignition process is completed, and the combustion adjustment stage is entered.

Telescopic spray painting room manufacturers produced telescopic spray painting room in the spray painting work mixed with dust in the air, reduce the quality of paint, for the uncertain coating agent waste and pollution field workers is dirty. On the other hand, the telescopic spray painting room manufactured by the telescopic spray painting room will inhale a lot of paint mist, harmful to health. Because the spray booth is different from the usual equipment, it is necessary to check the switch of the spray booth by specialized personnel. Please disconnect power during revision. Most of the filter materials in the exhaust filtration system of the telescopic paint studio are chemical fiber products, so the filter materials in the exhaust will accumulate a lot of dust. Due to the drive of the fan, the telescopic spray painting chamber produced by the manufacturer will produce more static electricity and discharge. If there is no power failure device, it is easy to cause fire and explosion. When the outdoor dust exhaust pipe exceeds the height of the building, lightning protection measures should also be considered. Telescopic paint as pavers the environmental quality of telescopic paint as pavers ensures our normal use. If the quality of the environment is not reasonable, some accidents will affect our normal life. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the environmental quality of the telescopic paint warehouse.


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