The application and structure principle of industrial grinding house
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The application and structure principle of industrial grinding house

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The application and structure principle of industrial grinding house


1, the main function is used for deburring, rust removal, fine polishing and brightening processing of metal workpiece, suitable for hardware, plastic products and other material parts of the deburring cleaning and aluminum oxide layer removal work, but also can be used as a pre-treatment method before painting.

2, this product is made of high quality stainless steel materials and assembled into a machine after special process welding molding, beautiful appearance and easy to operate, flexible and reliable long durable life, can run for a long time without heat and noise service life can reach more than 80,000 hours.

3, the series of products are divided into manual and automatic control mode two categories, can be selected according to different requirements of the appropriate working mode to meet different needs, such as automatic cycle reciprocating operation, timing shutdown and other functions can be realized and can be installed according to the need to improve the efficiency of the work to reduce labor intensity save production costs to extend its service life.

4, the machine design is reasonable, simple operation, safety, health, good performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, energy saving, electricity saving, environmental protection, clean and other advantages.

5, the machine is mainly composed of fuselage shell motor gearbox drive shaft feed system main brush plate electric control cabinet electrical components.

6, the working principle is as follows: when the power supply is connected by the three-phase 380V power supply voltage through the rectifier filter voltage regulator protection link into the DC bus and then the speed control switch to adjust the speed so that the brush rotation to complete the cleaning task, by adjusting the frequency of the frequency converter can achieve a variety of complex action program requirements.

7. Features and application scope:

1, can be used for aluminum alloy, iron and other metal materials surface to remove burr stains and a variety of oil dirt dust treatment effect is remarkable.

2, especially suitable for all kinds of workpiece dust, sand, dust, rust and passivation, especially suitable for auto parts, mold manufacturers, stamping processing plants and other industry applications!

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