Spray paint room principle and structure
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Spray paint room principle and structure

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 Spray paint room principle and structure

Spray paint room principle and structure: the whole spray paint room is assembled structure, the room body adopts the child and mother plug-in insulation spray plastic wallboard, sealing, insulation performance is good, aluminum alloy edge door, the door is equipped with an observation window, can observe the dynamics in the room at any time; The side of the room is equipped with a working door, convenient for the staff to enter and exit, high-quality stainless steel heat exchanger, high heat exchange efficiency, long service life; Imported filter cotton, low noise and high air volume fan are selected to ensure the perfect painting effect. Spray room for workpiece spraying provides:

(1) Clean working environment; (2) Fully collect paint mist.

Spray paint room configuration according to the size of the workpiece, shape, weight and production program can have a variety of ways: open, closed points; There are continuous type, intermittent type; There is a workpiece rotation or fixed; There are single side spraying and double side spraying. In recent years, it has developed oil curtain spray painting room, spray painting room and so on. The structure should include: air supply filtration system, workpiece hanging (conveying, rotating) device, water curtain system, washing system, exhaust system, water tank, lighting device and chamber body.

The principle of paint mist recovery: paint mist recovery can be divided into two parts: first, when spraying the workpiece, paint mist and water curtain collision mixing, water curtain will dissolve into part of the paint mist into the water tank; Second, the paint mist that is not dissolved into the water curtain enters the washing chamber through the bottom gap of the water curtain plate, and is fully mixed with the water mist from the atomizing nozzle. The gas and water separate and settle and flow into the water tank. Paint mist coagulant is regularly added to the tank to form paint slag.

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