Spray Booth/Paint Booth with Baking for Small Cars
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Spray Booth/Paint Booth with Baking for Small Cars

A Painting and Drying Spraybooth is the place in which the vehicle is painted via a spray gun with air channel working under the low pressure and followed by drying. Air derived outside of the facility through the ceiling filter system. Paint particules holded by paint stop filters and decomposed from air. Spray booth is equiped with diesel burner and fan-motor units. In front of the booth entrance, beside the entrance ramp, a metal basement or excavation work, a channel connection to units for air circulation is executed and installed on the facility floor.
  • EX-YB 100R

  • captain

  • 8419 8990 90

  • 6900X3900X2700mm

  • full downdraft

  • diesel burner

  • 2 sets 3kw centrifugal fan

  • no exhaust fan

  • 32pcs LED lights

Outside Size(mm)


Inside Size(mm)


Front Door(mm)


Total Power



δ=1.0mm galvanized steel for bottom coaming,  the floor beam is made of galvanized square tube whose specification is 40mmx80mmx1.8mm; 3 rows of diamond plate, 2 rows of grilles, made by 30mmx4mm flat steel, then paint. δ=2.75mm diamond steel plate to make 2 embossed steel ramp, 1 piece stairs. The whole structure is strong, durable and beautiful.

Cabin System

50mm EPS panel, double 0.376mm steel with tongue and groove structure. The main door is without aluminum side cover, produced by one-time suppress. The watching window is with 5mm white glass. Aluminum alloy hinge and extraposition bolt. One fold person door, size is 1800mmx750mm, with mechanical pressure lock and 5mm glass window.

Ventilation System

2x3kw YDW4.5L centrifugal fans for supplying, air capacity is 26000m3/h; 1x5.5kw YDW5.6S centrifugal fan for exhausting, air capacity is 15000m3/h. Pneumatic damper. The frame is soldered by 50mmx50mm square tube and with powder coating. The surface sealing plate is made of δ=0.8mm galvanized steel and with 30mm rockwool inside.


Air plenum chamber made by light-weight steel structure, frame is soldered by 40mmx60mm square tube; filter frame groove is bending with δ=1.0mm galvanized steel with powder coating; ceiling filter bracket is made of machining concave steel pipe and ø6 round pipe with powder coating.

Lighting System

4 tubes x 8 teams x 36w famous brand lights with electric ballast, top lighting way installed with 45 degree angle, to ensure no double image and blind area, illuminance≧1000Lux. 20pcsx30w side lights in vertically embedded into the wall. The protection glass is 5mm white glass. And the box is bending by δ=0.8mm galvanized steel with powder coating.

Heating System

Italy Riello G20 diesel burner, 200000Kcal/h. Heating exchanger is made of δ=1.5mm sus304 stainless steel by argon arc welding.

Purification System

Prefilter is using non-woven filter cotton; ceiling filter is using CC-600G high effeicient filter, thickness 25mm,  flame retardant glass is F5. The floor filter is using filter felt for paint mist.And M type active carbon for the waste gas.

Electric Controlling System

High quality electronic elements, multi-protection for the main circuit; temperature and time setting switch, spray & baking switch, light switch, emergency stop, breakdown alarm, etc.

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Basic Draw

standard booth with inner penumatic ramps

Also we can design the spray booth according to your need,so just tell me your needs,we can give you the best solution.

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