Performance advantages of centrifugal fan
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Performance advantages of centrifugal fan

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 Performance advantages of centrifugal fan

Performance advantages of centrifugal fan:

1, good ventilation effect: 4-72 centrifugal fan pumping effect is good, very suitable for use in pipeline pumping or air supply.

2, strong applicability: It is commonly used in the pipeline air conveying fan, no corrosion, flammable and explosive gas places can be used.

3, low noise: according to the air flow mechanics using reasonable impeller Angle design, running, no mechanical friction, reasonable blade shape line to reduce the noise to the minimum. The noise produced by 4-72 centrifugal fan is high-frequency noise, so long as there are obstacles, it can be soundproofed.

4, smooth operation: the impeller is optimized to reduce the axial force to the lowest degree, and there is an efficient impeller, and the static and dynamic balance correction, so that the machine runs smoothly, without any vibration reduction device, bearing amplitude is relatively small.

5, easy maintenance, durable: some models can be configured to clean the door, do not need to remove the machine maintenance clean, save time and effort. And the shell and impeller are made of high quality steel plate, which makes the fan stronger. The surface of the whole machine is treated by spraying, which has strong oxidation resistance and is not easy to be corroded.


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