Methods and techniques of painting
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Methods and techniques of painting

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Methods and techniques of painting

Methods and techniques of painting

1, if you need to spray paint the material construction, first to ensure that the surface of the original material is smooth, and there can be no paint.

If the surface of the original paint daub, the first to use tools to polish or remove it with a shovel, such as the surface removed clean and polished flat, before you can begin to paint the material. In order to ensure that the subsequent spray painting will not pollute other areas, you can paste the paper in the place that does not need to be painted, and directly tear the paper off after the subsequent spray is completed.

2, next you can spray paint, general spray painting methods are divided into two kinds. One uses jet guns, and the other uses sprinkler irrigation.

The spray gun is good for controlling the pressure out of the spray, but the interior paint needs to be mixed. And the spray irrigation needs to repeat the shaking back and forth, so that the internal pressure can be sprayed, but the spray irrigation is more convenient to move, and the internal paint is directly deployed, you can choose the right spraying method according to the situation.

Note that no matter what method is used to spray paint, it is necessary to spray from the inside of the material first, to spray from high to low, so that the spray out of the paint will be more uniform, and not easy to produce spray dead Angle.

In the process of spraying, it is also necessary to reasonably grasp the pressure of spraying, which can not be too big or too small. The pressure of spraying is too big, and the paint will not be fine. The pressure of spraying is too small, and the paint is easy to caking.

3. Generally, spray paint needs to be sprayed twice. The thickness of the first spray paint can be slightly thinner, mainly to make the subsequent paint better dependent.

After the first paint spray to wait for its completely dry, dry to see whether the surface is uneven or uneven paint spray. If you encounter this situation, you must first polish it smooth, clean up the surface of the material and then paint spraying.

The second time can be a little thicker, but the thickness must be moderate, you can slow down the speed a little in the spraying process, and pay attention to the details of the spraying in place. In order to make the surface more bright after the paint spray can be sprayed in some light oil.

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