High temperature paint room
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High temperature paint room

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High temperature paint room

1, energy-saving carbon fiber infrared electric heat pipe electric conversion rate is more than 95%, than the ordinary electric heat pipe energy saving 30%, more suitable for modern paint energy saving and efficiency, to avoid the ordinary electric heat, fuel oil paint room energy consumption, high operating costs, is the development direction of paint industry.

2, safety and environmental protection, comprehensive use of environmental protection technology, improve the operating environment, heating system without large current start, heat dissipation quickly avoid the fuel paint room safety risks.

3, paint baking effect is good: carbon fiber, far infrared quartz electric tube is the use of its own far infrared radiation heating, (rather than through convection conduction) and avoid air circulation on the paint form secondary pollution, make the paint cleaner, so as to improve the quality of paint.

4. Economical and practical, the design breaks through the idea of traditional lacquer room, reduces the pipeline and heating mechanical system, greatly reduces the hidden trouble, and avoids the disadvantages of large energy consumption of ordinary lacquer room, low operating cost, energy saving, easy to use is the hard truth, and has become the first choice of many manufacturers

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