Heat pipe heat exchanger
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Heat pipe heat exchanger

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Heat pipe heat exchanger

Heat pipe heat exchanger, professional heat recovery equipment for waste heat recovery. The heat pipe heat exchanger is installed in the exhaust system of the paint baking room. In the exhaust system of the paint baking room, the heat of the exhaust air and the fresh air (air) exchange heat through the heat pipe heat exchanger. After the temperature of the exhaust air is lowered, it goes out of the room, and the temperature of the fresh air is raised, and it enters the reactor; The process of improving the temperature of fresh air is to improve the efficiency of heat utilization and reduce the input cost of energy. Can greatly reduce the energy consumption of fresh air heating to the temperature required for baking paint. Because the fresh air and exhaust air are completely separated, the hot and cold flow flows in their respective pipelines, and there will be no cross wind, which can ensure the purity of the fresh air.

Heat pipe heat exchanger, simple structure, has the following characteristics:

High heat conduction efficiency: heat transfer speed is 400 times of copper, and heat transfer efficiency is 7000 times of metal copper;

Excellent isotherm: exchange of evaporation and condensation, so that the heat pipe can also be heat exchange at 1℃ temperature difference;

No energy dissipation and no fault: Heat pipe heat transfer is passive heat transfer, only need a certain temperature difference, no power, no moving parts. Therefore, no energy consumption, no power loss, stable work, no need to maintain;

No mixing air and no cross air: The heating section and cooling section of the heat pipe are separated by a partition board, and the fresh air and exhaust air do not mix with each other, without cross pollution.

It can be said that wherever high temperatures are generated, there may be a need for waste heat recovery. The process of waste heat recovery is also a process of energy saving and consumption reduction.

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