Dry spray painting cabinet knowledge explanation
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Dry spray painting cabinet knowledge explanation

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Dry spray painting cabinet knowledge explanation


The following explains the knowledge of the dry spray cabinet

First, dry spray cabinet introduction:

Dry spray cabinet is filtered by new filter cotton, which can reduce excessive spray painting, reduce cost and facilitate maintenance. It is an ideal green spraying equipment. Under the action of orderly airflow, the air containing paint mist can pass through.

Dry spray cabinet

Most of the paint mist passes through the baffle under the grate. Due to the sudden refraction of the air flow, the paint mist particles settle on the baffle with inertia. The remaining fine paint mist particles pass through the filter cotton under the baffle again with the air flow to filter out the remaining paint mist particles, and the purified air flow is discharged to the outdoor air through the explosion-proof exhaust fan. Paint purification efficiency is 95%. When the workpiece needs to be dried, the heating and air supply system can be designed for circulating heating and air supply, continuous heating of the air in the spray cabinet and the surface of the workpiece, to ensure the drying of the paint film on the surface of the paint cabinet.

When dry spray painting is used for drying, there is an exhaust gas concentration alarm device in the spray cabinet. When the exhaust gas concentration reaches the dangerous value, the exhaust system will automatically start, and the exhaust gas will be discharged outdoors in time, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of dangerous situations.

The filter material of dry lacquer mist platform is the core component. The paint mist particles are contained in the material by a number of gradually encrypted filter cotton materials, which are intercepted, collided and adsorbed to gradually weather into powder, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the paint mist. After the filter cotton material is taken out, it can be used repeatedly.

Dry spray cabinet is mainly composed of cabinet body, exhaust filter, paint mist trapping filter, electronic lighting and other systems, it has a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, paint mist treatment efficiency, stable performance, economic and environmental protection, rigidity and strength.

Two, equipment features:

1. Dry purification, no water, no secondary pollution, environmental protection and energy saving.

2, paint mist purification efficiency is high, purification efficiency is more than 90%.

3, the equipment operation resistance is small, low energy consumption.

4. The equipment has simple structure and convenient maintenance.

5. Dry paint mist filter cotton has high purification efficiency, large dust capacity, long service life and can be reused many times.

Iii. Precautions:

Dry spray cabinet in the use of daily and regular maintenance and inspection, in order to make the dry spray cabinet more economical operation, prolong its service life, the power should be turned off during the inspection.

1. Replace the filter cotton regularly.

2. Regularly clean the residual paint or powder paint in the spray cabinet.

3. Check the electrical connection regularly and check the running and heating condition of the fan motor.

Iv. Scope of use:

Dry spray cabinet is widely used to spray wood, furniture, automobile, hardware and spray cabinet, etc., filter the solid or liquid particles in the airflow, such as paint, plastic, asphalt coating, porcelain, dye, ceramics, air-dried ceramics and so on.

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