Car spray paint room performance characteristics
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Car spray paint room performance characteristics

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Car spray paint room performance characteristics

Car spray paint room performance characteristics

Product advantage

First, the early treatment is fast, the effect is better: the car paint room is a set of large equipment. Cars are usually treated before use. This not only eliminates the disadvantages of manual treatment, improves the work efficiency and can improve the quality of the car paint repair operation. This is not only because the paint room can be set in accordance with the operator to make the paint evenly heated and quickly dried, and the paint room can be isolated from the pollution caused by external dust and other pollutants on the car paint, so that the subsequent polishing and other paint treatment work can be eliminated.

2. Good working environment. Car paint room in order to keep the air in the paint room clean, various types of paint room are equipped with a filter device, such as filter cotton, used to filter the dust in the air into the paint room, and the ventilation system of the paint room will make the paint room has enough air exchange rate, so as to ensure the clean air in the paint room. Many times, the body paint pollution is caused by human factors, such as the vehicle to be painted without thorough cleaning into the paint room, or spray painting personnel are not wearing special protective clothing, or paint room is not clean.

Three, high efficiency, quality assurance. Compared with artificial paint, paint, car paint room is mechanized "one-stop" service, work efficiency is several times higher, even dozens of times. Smooth and uniform paint without impurities, high polishing degree.

Four, high safety factor. Car paint room is generally equipped with thermostat controller and safety explosion-proof system.

Paint baking room set paint and paint baking as one, often called paint baking room, the advantages are to save the site, easy to use, at the same time can be forced to dry primer, top paint, speed up the pace of work, improve the work efficiency and coating quality.

Work flow

Paint room is generally used for spraying and baking car paint, therefore, paint room the most accurate description should be "spray paint room".

When painting, the outside air is filtered by the primary filter screen and sent to the roof by the fan, and then filtered and purified by the top filter screen twice before entering the room. The air in the room adopts full drop type, and flows downward at the speed of 0.2-0.3m/s, so that the paint mist particles can not stay in the air after painting, and are directly discharged out of the room through the bottom outlet. This constant circulation conversion, so that spray painting room air cleanliness of more than 98%, and into the air has a certain pressure, can form a constant airflow around the car to remove excessive paint, so as to maximize the quality of paint.

When baking paint, adjust the damper to the position of baking paint, hot air circulation, the temperature in the oven quickly rises to the predetermined drying temperature (55℃ - 60℃). After the initial filtration of the external fresh air, the fan will exchange heat with the thermal energy converter and send it to the gas chamber on the roof of the baking paint. After the second filtration and purification, the hot air through the inner circulation of the damper, in addition to sucking in a small amount of fresh air, most of the hot air is continued to be heated and used, making the temperature in the baking paint room gradually rise. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatically stops; When the temperature drops to the set temperature, the fan and the burner automatically start, so that the temperature in the paint room remains relatively constant. Finally, when the paint time reaches the set time, the paint room automatically shuts down and the paint is finished.

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